Full landing gears systems

The landing gear is an essential system that allows the aircraft to start from the gate, taxi to the runway, to take off and to land safely. Vincenzo La Gatta S.r.l has the capabilities and the experience to design and manufacture landing gear systems. This includes the landing gear structure, the extension/ retraction and steering actuation.

The company supplies landing gears for business and military aircraft including helicopters and trainers by using both “Built to print” or “Built to Spec” approach.

Vincenzo La Gatta has in-house capabilities for the design and manufacture of all structural parts of landing gears. This comprises the main fitting, sliding tube, side stays and locking stays, wheel axle and drag braces.

The in-house competencies include latest generation surface treatment equipment. In addition to that, Vincenzo La Gatta offers further integration services such as complete dressings.


Due to the knowledge and experience gained in the manufacturing of the whole Landing Gear System, the company is also able to supply complex sub-system as Side Brace, Drag Brace and Lock Devices. All the equipment are assembled and tested at company’s facilities. Hundreds parts delivered on time and with no quality issue give us the confidence to be considered a very reliable supplier for Landing Gear complex sub-assemblies.

The CNC machines and special processes facilities size allow the company to manufacture parts to equip aircraft up to 12 Tons MTOW. Dedicated testing and dedicated designed tools are used to assemble and test the parts.


Significant know-how and considerable experience in the design, manufacture and qualification of hydraulic equipment has been acquired both through several built-to-print and work-share co-operations on international programs with major OEM Companies.