Over 100 years
of successful history

Over 100 years of successful history and a team of dedicated and experienced employees give us the competitive edge for a relation of trust in aerospace supplies.
With the long term view of a family business and the flexibility of a medium size company, we work very closely with the Customer to meet specific requirements and deliver innovative solution on time and within budget.
Our goal is to continue to serve the global aereospace market with superior quality products.


A specific department is dedicated to the Aftermarket with the sale of Spares and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities for aircraft for the Italian Defence Administration and the other Customers.

Innovation & Technology >
A long establishment in the business, an impressive amount of available field data. advanced and extensive software and hardware design & development tools, experienced engineers and well trained staff give us a strong edge in engineering capabilities and product development for aircraft systems and equipment.

Quality >
Ever since the early days quality, accurancy and reability have always benn a way of thinking in Vincenzo La Gatta and have built our reputation in the aerospace community throughout the decades.


Full landing gears systems >
The landing gear is an essential system that allows the aircraft to start from the gate, taxi to the runway, to take off and to land safely.

Landing gear equipment >
Due to the knowledge and experience gained in the manufacturing of the whole Landing Gear System, the company is also able to supply complex sub-system as Side Brace, Drag Brace and Lock Devices.

Hydraulic actuators >
Significant know-how and considerable experience in the design, manufacture and qualification of hydraulic equipment has been acquired both through several built-to-print and work-share co-operations on international programs with major OEM Companies.

Our goal
is to continue to serve
the global aereospace market
with superior quality products.

100 years
of history

30 years
of experience in landing gear


from the 90s to 2020

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